What You Should Know About Generic Medications


What is great about the generic medications is the fact that they are a lot cheaper as compared to the branded counterparts. Through these, the consumers can save a lot of money every year when they would go for the generic ones instead of those branded medicines. Such drugs can be very cheap when it comes to their price but they are really the same with the branded ones when you talk of the chemical composition. The generic medications also have the same active ingredients with their innovative counterparts. They also have the same strength, dosage as well as route of administration.

You should be aware that the generic medication from genericinsider.com are similar with the branded versions. They are effective in dealing with the patients’ symptoms. Since they work similarly, the patient can expect the same quality without the need to spend so much money. The FDA is also able to provide the assurance that generic medications have the same purity, strength and stability like the branded counterparts.

It is just the company that developed the drug that is able to sell this while the patent of the drug is still in effect. The patent is actually created to protect the investments that are made by the company on drug development. This is the reason why no other pharmaceutical company can sell or produce the drug. However, the period of such exclusivity expires. A lot of the patents which are given to the drug companies last for 20 years. The pharmaceutical company will be able to sell the generic product after applying to FDA for the right to sell. To ensure that end users can receive the same care that they get from the branded medications, the FDA approves the generic drugs which are able to meet the highest standards. This is how the generic versions have been available to the public. You may want to refer from here: http://www.ehow.com/info_8275342_list-generic-drugs-walmart.html.

When the drug won’t be covered by the patent anymore, the companies aside from the primary developer can product the drug and then sell this as the generic version. The other companies that want to join in need not invest in developing the drug. Since they don’t have to spend on other aspects of patents as well as drug production, then the medicines from genericinsider.com cost lesser. This is the reason why the generic drugs are not that expensive like those branded ones. However, the companies which have produced the drugs for the purpose of marketing to the masses should still meet the requirements necessitated by the FDA and they show that the drugs work just as they should.

However, you should know that not all of the branded drugs out there don’t have the generic counterpart. Those drugs having the generic counterparts are safe to use though these medicines can be easily purchased from the pharmacy without any prescription from the doctor.


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